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Digital media technologies are making it easier for academics to connect their research with people, community groups, and movements who are also trying to bring about social change.

Yet, most academics are perplexed about how to share their research with publics beyond the academy.

i dont take you serious anymore since what you posted in the members Picture thread, you lost all my respect i had for you. i didnt asked someone out in my thread, if i wanted to ask someone out i would write her pm.

and dont come here anymore or i would Need to Close my thread I don't want to be offensive but if you want to date you shouldn't be here, better go out and meet new people.

Voters also leave notes with specific insights about how you’re coming across and advice for improving your impression.

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Part of the reason I left Birmingham, Alabama was not only because I was a victim of a fallen economy at the time (can you say 3 layoffs in one year? Hey I was in my twenties and made some horrible decisions when it came to relationships, but I really just wanted to get a fresh start somewhere else. Eighty-five percent of our conversations were entirely about the male species and trying to understand what is wrong with them!

After many requests from people to start a blog that know that I have a history in journalism, I gave in.

As I started to write more and more, I slowly began to realize that it wasn’t that it was something wrong with men.

photo sharing websites ( btw im not interested in advices how to loose weight or improve my income.

Im interested to get rated, how i would do with women.nobody will date you here, get over it.