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"We’ve done a lot of support tours, and so we’re used to getting out in front a crowd of mostly strangers that aren’t there for us," Palmer said.

"It teaches me something about the band; that we’re pretty flexible and we do well in all of those environments.

Genderfork is a supportive community for the expression of identities across the gender spectrum.

It's maintained by a really wonderful team of volunteers. Frequently Asked Questions Amanda Palmer is beautiful, talented, and a genderbender extraordinaire.

I listened once or twice, thought it sounded too much like musical theater, and essentially didn't think about Palmer again for the next six years.) Then, in 2011, she married the author Neil Gaiman, who is just plain famous.

The relationship catapulted Palmer into the spotlight. The other thing one learns from this book is that 20 nearly broke this woman.

Yet the facts are what they are: I disliked Amanda Palmer because she was careless with her power and that carelessness resulted in someone getting harassed and told to “fucking die.” But I was part of building the media consensus against Amanda Palmer, which made hating her both common and acceptable.

And at the end of that process, Amanda Palmer got abuse and death threats.

She explained it went on increased production and packaging costs.Then she really put people’s backs up when she asked for musicians to play at her gigs for free – in exchange for ‘hugs and beer’.Producer Steve Albini called her an ‘idiot’ and a musician’s union pointed out hugs and beer don’t pay the rent. ‘My job is not to complain about those who misrepresent or misunderstand me,’ she says.Palmer has been portrayed so consistently as a human black hole, a sucking moral and intellectual void from which no shred of human worth can emanate, that it’s probably necessary, in some way, to be confronted with the actual sound of her voice. For reasons of masochism and/or incompetence (take your pick) I was only able to get my hands on the audiobook version, which meant there was no skipping ahead: I spent nearly one full day listening to Amanda Palmer speaking directly to me, and frequently speaking about the fact that journalists hated her. And I found myself, by around Hour Seven, wondering what on Earth I had accomplished by disliking her. This, for a while, worked out; she was famous without really being famous. For those not up on the human blog-controversy-generator that is Amanda Palmer, she emerged in 2003 as the frontwoman for the Dresden Dolls, a weird punk-slash-goth-slash-yes-they're-wearing-mime-makeup band that attracted very little mainstream notice but earned a base of devoted fans, most of whom seemed like the kind of sensitive, sweet oddballs who might put a lot of thought into what to wear to the next screening.The Dresden Dolls’ Amanda Palmer is a true entertainer: the bisexual front woman of the cabaret-punk duo doesn’t just wear outfits — she dons costumes and stage makeup to accompany her charismatic and playful performances.