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I cannot touch your hand, I cannot feel your breath, I cannot hold you close. I can feel you in my heart, I can see you in my mind, I can hear you in my ears. I l OVE this POEMthis poem really touched me because it said the things that you can not describe as well to the person you love the lines were really touching.

If you know the author, please ask them to contact us with a current email address. Thepoem so far away yet always close matched my feelings very much and I truely appreciated itt I would like to see more love poems by Steve Forsythe. That way I will know He is still close to me and that He wants me to be happy.

1) Like the warmth of the winter sun Like the sound of a timeless melody Like a drive on the open road In summer, like the cool shade of a tree Like sleeping in, on a chilly morning Like freedom, and living life carefree Is how I feel every single time When I think about you and me xoxo 2) For you, my heartbeats go Thump, thump, thump For your love, my soul goes Jump, jump, jump When I see you, my eyes Flutter, flutter, flutter Looking at you melts me like Butter, butter, butter Your cute hugs make me feel Vroom, vroom, vroom Your kisses make me go Boom, boom, boom I love you 3) Definitely a hottie Surely a smartie Always looking dapper Epitome of a lover Oh so handsome Always so awesome In every way, admirable To top it off, also responsible Baby, words are just not enough Describing you, is uber tough All I can say right now is That I need a hug and a kiss xoxo 4) From silly arguments To the most stupid fights Our quarrels seem to last Through day and night But even after all this In life’s darkness, you are the light Being with you Makes everything right xoxo 5) What you really mean to me No one will ever comprehend It’s like I want time to Freeze right now, and never end You make my life perfect I mean it, I really do I promise, I’ll never change And that’s all, I as of you too xoxo 6) From the sweet good morning messages To the flirty conversations at night Just knowing that you’re there Makes everything seem right To say, that being with you makes Life perfect, is too trivial and fleeting The core of our relationship is That it makes life worth living xoxo 7) Until the day I met you I did not know for sure If I would ever find love So awesome, perfect and pure But ever since that day All my doubts were put to rest For me, it’s no one but you Because I’ll have nothing but the best xoxo 8) To my boyfriend…

Since the day we’ve been together I have felt beautiful naturally I have never felt the need To doll up artificially Since the moment I fell for you I have got a new perspective I never knew that I had So much to share, so much to give Since the moment our relationship began Everything has become rosy My life has feels like it is perfect Which I never thought it would be I love you 9) If there was a road to the moon I’d walk it to and fro Just to prove a point My feelings, I want you to know Amazing is too less a word To describe how I feel When I think about how You, are my life’s zeal All I want from you is a promise That you’ll always stay the same So, through all of life’s dark corners You can forever be my flame xoxo 10) I cannot shake off the thought Of kissing you when you aren’t there This distance between us Just doesn’t seem to be fair I cannot stop thinking Of hugging you when you get here How to kill time until then Is the only thing I fear I cannot stop daydreaming Of doing things together Baby, come meet me soon So all my anxiety can disappear I love you 11) Texting you Has become an addiction Chatting late night Has become an affliction Cuddling up with you Is what I want to do all day Hanging onto every Single word you say Kissing you has become A balm for my soul Being your girlfriend Has become my favorite role I love you 12) Every breath I take I dedicate to you You are the reason for Everything that I do Every day that I am alive I live by your name Without you, my life Would never be the same I love you 13) Without you, the brightest Of stars seem dreary Without you, the happiest Of moments seem blurry Without you, the weakest Of pains, seem strong Without you, even the best Opportunities seem wrong Without you, the fondest Of memories seem faded Without you, life’s journey Is dark and jaded I love you 14) Quotes about love Poems about affection Limericks about flirting Songs about passion None of these I can Dedicate to you For our love is much Deeper and a lot more true The only thing I would like to say That with you, I’ll never Fall out of love, any day I love you 15) The clock goes tick tock I continue to have daydreams Being away from you even for a second Isn’t as easy as it seems The clock goes tick tock I can’t wait for you to get back In my arms, in my life And put everything back on track The clock goes tick tock I can’t stop thinking about you My head spins round and round I hope you miss me too xoxo 16) Love speaks no language But mine does pretty well My eyes talk to yours In a code that no one can tell Love is supposed to be blind But mine wasn’t at all I knew when we first met That for you, I would fall I love you 17) Sometimes I wonder What our relationship really is Whether it is my weakness Or strength and total bliss Sometimes it holds me back Sometimes it pushes me forward Whatever it may be, without it My life would be blurred All I know is that I need your hugs to survive Without them, I wouldn’t know Whether I’m dead or alive xoxo 18) You are responsible solely For my condition right now You have left me totally dazed Disoriented and how You are the reason why I feel so handicapped I can’t seem to do anything All the time, I feel entrapped The real problem is That I am lost in your charms I just can’t start the day Without being in your arms I love you 19) I don’t love you a lot Just because you are hot I don’t think you are amazing Just because you are charming I don’t find you sweet Just because you control my heartbeat I find you adorable Because you are so remarkable I find you marvelous Because you are so chivalrous In short, for being with a guy like you I consider myself, among the lucky few xoxo 20) Without you I am not complete Having you next to me Is always a treat Without you I don’t feel great My heart beats for you At a crazy rate Without you I don’t feel like doing anything Because sweetheart You’re my everything I love you 21) You are the boy Who gives me cute hugs You are the fella Who pulls me with his tugs I am your girl You are my guy You are the only one Who makes me wanna fly I love you 22) You are the guy Who is the best ever You are the person I will stop liking, never You are the boyfriend Who is irreplaceable For making me smitten You are responsible You are the only one For whom I deeply care In front of you I’m laying my heart bare xoxo 23) My Facebook has gone bonkers With so many onlookers Checking out pictures of you and me Not believing, that a couple can be so happy My Twitter is brimming With tweets by the minute, overflowing About you and me And how we came to be My Pinterest is full of compliments Swarming with comments About how cute a couple we are Of all this, boy you are the star I love you 24) With you, I can cry like a baby With you, I can be grumpy With you, I can be moody With you, I can be jittery But the best part is That even after all this We can make up and kiss Is why I call you, my life’s bliss xoxo 25) YOU…

Dark Love Poetry: Sometimes emotions becomes so intense that they cross the line into obsession.

This type of dynamic is often one sided and may be signified by unrequited feelings.

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Men may not always be the most verbal or openly emotional creatures, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to hear how you feel!We think you will enjoy exploring these poems by the writers at My Word Wizard.Deep Romantic Poems: These romantic love poems are perfect for anyone who wants to express the depth of their love with the perfect collection of words.I truly love her, and I could not stand to be without her. i really liked the last two paragraphs they really touched me. may god give you success in life bye kiran All Visitor Comments on this poem have been posted by people who wanted to let the author know the poem touched their hearts.sat at the computer slowly contemplating how to use my time as I scratched this poem on an old e-mail. If you would like to leave a comment of your own, please Vote for this poem.