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As always, I think to myself, "If they can do it [meaning, canning minced garlic] then I can do it." Trouble was, I could find no reference to canned garlic in any of my canning books, so I wasn't sure how long to process it. but mistakenly purchased the orange-flavored chewable type.

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Hence, we recommend you to go the natural way with these ugly scars.Here are some easy and effective natural treatments for keloids. - Apply the juice of a fresh lemon on the affected area.Don’t tempt your date, or yourself, by dressing provocatively. If you fail, pick yourself up, go to confession and begin again.5 Alcohol can make it easy to give in to temptations, so be sure to avoid being in situations that you know will weaken your will. A final bonus rule: no matter who “pays,” no one “owes” anybody anything.Reality: When you get someone’s number, you get excited, no matter how cool you try to act.

If you feel like you want a refresher as your test date approaches, you can visit

The ugliest truth of my life are the horrible keloids on my arms and legs!

Believe me when I say, if you don’t want know what a keloid is, you’re lucky.

Basically, the ACT is intended to measure what you have learned throughout high school and your ability to complete college-level work, while the SAT is intended to measure your inherent abilities and your critical thinking skills. aptitude: The ACT measures what you have learned, and the SAT measures your capacity for learning.

Since the ACT covers a broader range of skill sets, you may have a better chance of achieving a high score on it than on the SAT if you feel that you are stronger in some areas than others.